Five easy things you can do to improve SEO and your site.

While none of these tips will get you on the front page of search results on their own,  they help optimize your site for the search engines and have merit beyond SEO.  

Register your domain name for ten years:  Domain registration length is a debated ranking signal, but there is enough chatter from SEO journals to warrant hedging your bets.  You're planning on being in business for the next decade, so don't risk forgetting to renew your domain name and secure it for ten years. It’s not money wasted.

Pay attention to your page load times:  Google places a great deal of importance on page speed.  Use their free service to see how you are doing.

Optimizing your images is the easiest thing you can do to have the BIGGEST impact on page load times and page speed scores.  You can use a free service like TinyPNG.   TinyPNG reduces the file size of large images without visible loss of quality.  If you incorporate using this service into your workflow, Google will love you for it and so will your visitors.

Make your Whois information public:  Public Whois information is a ranking signal “We have nothing to hide” and more sophisticated searchers will use the information to verify you are a legitimate company.  You want that!  Especially if you are accepting money online.

Check your spelling and grammar:  Correct spelling and proper grammar is a “quality” signal for the Search Engines.  It is also a trust signal for your visitors.  Know the difference between they’re, their, and there and proof your content.

Check your site for broken links:  Broken links are a signal to the search engines that the site is neglected or abandoned.  Incidentally, 404 pages send the same message to your visitors.  

Run a check on our website at least once a month.  Broken Link Checker is free to use.