Do you worry about plagiarism when you blog?

Do you worry about how original your content is when you blog?  When you are in a creative session, you probably take a lot of notes and jot down other people's ideas that will make your blog post better.   No one wants to copy someone else's work, but sometimes after you summarize ideas from other authors in your words and from your perspective, the result is a little too close to what the original author wrote.   Use a service like Copyscape to check that your content is unique and ensure you haven't accidentally plagiarized another author's copy.  

Copyscape can help you find authors who may have "accidentally" used your magical words of wisdom too.

We use Copyscape regularly, and the app helped us find a young web developer who thought that copying an entire website was more cost efficient than building one out.  He captured every bit of our design and content, including our customer testimonials!  The only thing he changed were his rates.  I guess you can work at a reduced cost when you aren't actually doing the work :)