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We're best known for jumping through hoops on fire to support busy marketing departments with their daily online marketing activities as well as their long term web strategies.  We keep up with the busiest marketing departments,  providing same day turn-around on a variety of routine daily requests. We also offer on-demand services to medium sized businesses and have established strong, enduring relationships with many local companies.

Laguna Glen
With over 15 years of experience in web related technology, we have a well rounded background in UNIX, hosting, DNS, eMail, web design, responsive and adaptive web design and development, content management systems, and tertiary skills that are helpful to our clients like being familiar with Constant Contact, Exact Target, Sugar, Salesforce, RegOnline, and many other SAS's (Software as Service). We've even been known to help out with the Microsoft Suite of products if the challenge relates in any way to an online distribution of information.

Specialties: Cross Platform & Cross Browser HTML & CSS, Responsive Design, Content Management Systems, WordPress, Drupal, php / mySQL, Fully Customized HTML Emails, Graphic Design for the Web, JQuery Implementations, eCommerce (OSCommerce, PDG Soft, Retail Cart), Hosting, Copy Editing
Today, on the job...
December 22nd.  The Black Swan event.  The CMN Hospital Voting was scheduled to end tonight at 11:59pm.   Total votes were over 350,000, daily votes had reached 50,000.  The underdog, Hurley Children's Hospital, a 42 bed hospital out of Michigan,  pulled up out of nowhere to be a formal contender against the 289 bed hospital, Primary Children's,  out of Utah.  Two citizens from each community had offered to match the $20,000 for the winning CMN Hospital.  Social networks were going wild with pleas for votes.  Local news stations were on location.  It was a tight competition -  78,000 votes to 79,000 votes.   Then it happened. A DDos (distributed denial of service) attack on Rackspace DNS servers disrupted network traffic nationally.  Utah voters could reach the site, Michigan voters could not.
Today we launched the $20,000 for 20 years #CUDirect20  campaign . The campaign runs for three weeks between December 2nd and December 22nd.  It's a neat little site!  CU Direct wants to donate a very generous amount to a Children’s Miracle Hospital and their director of marketing, Heather, had an ingenious idea – lets set up a voting site where the people across the nation can choose which hospital should win the $20,000 award.  CU Direct never does anything on a relaxed schedule and we had three and a half weeks to spec, code, test, and launch a custom PollDaddy style voting site. No Problem!